Bio-inks for 3D extrusion-based bio-printed scaffolds: Printability

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Development and characterization of an improved formulation of cholesteryl oleate-loaded cationic solid-lipid nanoparticles as an efficient non-viral gene delivery system

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Volume 184, 1 December 2019, 110533


Lipid nanoparticles – Metvan: revealing a novel way to deliver a vanadium compound to bone cancer cells


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Hybrid Ofloxacin/eugenol co-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles with enhanced and targetable antimicrobial properties

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Silybin-conjugated gold nanoparticles for antimicrobial chemotherapy against Gram-negative bacteria

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Formation and characterization of self-assembled bovine serum albumin nanoparticles as chrysin delivery systems

Ferrado J.B., Perez A.A., Visentini F.V., Islan G.A., Castro G.R., Santiago L
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces
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A new glioblastoma cell trap for implantation after surgical resection

Autier L., Clavreul A., Cacicedo M.L., Franconi F., Sindji L., Rousseau A., Perrot R., Montero-Menei C.N., Castro G.R., Menei P
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Development of biocarrier for violacein controlled release in the treatment of cancer

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Immobilized enzymes and their applications

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Nanotechnology and Drug Delivery

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Self-Assembly Stereo-Specific Synthesis of Silver Phosphate Microparticles on Bacterial Cellulose Membrane Surface For Antimicrobial Applications

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Bacterial Cellulose Hydrogel Loaded with Lipid Nanoparticles for Localized Cancer Treatment

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Simple colorimetric method to determine the in vitro antioxidant activity of different monoterpenes

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Optimization of culture conditions for kefiran production in whey: The structural and biocidal properties of the resulting polysaccharide

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Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre

Hybrid bacterial cellulose-pectin films for delivery of bioactive molecules

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Biopolymers from Wastes to High-Value Products in Biomedicine

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Drug delivery devices for infectious diseases

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Novel cheese production by incorporation of sea buckthorn berries (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) supported probiotic cells

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Nanopharmaceuticals as a solution to neglected diseases: Is it possible?

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Desarrollo de bioimpresora 3D con 4to eje rotativo para uso en biotecnología, farmacología e ingeniería de tejidos

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Smart lipid nanoparticles containing levofloxacin and DNase for lung delivery. Design and characterization

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Modified bacterial cellulose scaffolds for localized doxorubicin release in human colorectal HT-29 cells

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Novel technologies for the encapsulation of bioactive food compounds

Liliana G. Santiago,  Guillermo R. Castro

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Nanodevices for the immobilization of therapeutic enzymes

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Pages 447-464

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Construction and in vitro testing of a cellulose dura mater graft

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Advances in Chromobacterium violaceum and properties of violacein-Its main secondary metabolite: A review

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A simple green route to obtain poly(vinyl alcohol) electrospun mats with improved water stability for use as potential carriers of drugs

Alex López-Córdoba, Guillermo R. Castro, Silvia Goyanes

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Characterization of smart auto-degradative hydrogel matrix containing alginate lyase to enhance levofloxacin delivery against bacterial biofilms

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